Laddingford Aerodrome is strickly PPR

For experienced strip pilots only

Phone 07712 - - 502030                            Landing fee £10


Aerodrome co-ordinates :-              N 51' 11.45     E 0' 24.77

                                                                51.1908N       0.4128E

Aerodrome  elevation :-                   40ft  (2 hPa)

Radio calls on Safetycom:-              135.480

Circuits at 1000 ft. to the North or West ie :-

LH circuits for 03 and 11                       RH circuits for 21 and 29

Join overhead to ensure the runway is clear of walkers

CAUTION ditches near edges of both runways

CAUTION ditch 350mtrs long 4mtrs south of the start of 29

Visiting aircraft park by signs opposite the Log Cabin

Booking in by 'C' on the hangar door.

CAUTION Old Hay Aerodrome 1 mile South/South/East of Laddingford Aerodrome

Flying in from ABROAD including the EU

Laddingford Aerodrome has permission from the UK Boarder Force to accept aircraft direct from abroad, but the following must be complied with.

All aircraft landings are only by prior permission.

All aircraft inbound from abroad must first submit a GAR (General Aviation Report) to the UK Boarder Force at least 4 hours before the flight.

Laddingford Aerodrome MUST be sent a copy of the acceptance of the GAR by email to the address at the top of this page before the flight is accepted.



By road the aerodrome address is:-

Laddingford Aerodrome,

Darman Lane,

Laddingford, Near Paddock Wood,

TN12 6PW.

Local pubs :-

The Chequers Inn          Laddingford Village         1.3 mile         01622 871266

The Hop Farm                 Beltring                              1.8 miles       01622 872818

John Brunt V.C.              Paddock Wood                2.3 miles       01892 338434

The Boathouse               Yalding                              2.3 miles       01622 814359

Taxis :-

Village Cars                                                         Paddock Wood         01892 832285

Kent Chauffers and Executive Travel           Paddock Wood          01892 882636


B&B's :-

Little Fowle Hall Oast         Laddingford           .6 mile            01892 832602

The Chequers Inn             Laddingford          1.3 mile            01622 871266

Warrington Lodge             Paddock Wood      3 miles           01892 833715